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Ari Kiuru

Postal Address

Ari Kiuru / Mainososasto Lahti
Aleksanterinkatu 33 A 5
FI-15140 LAHTI




Ari Kiuru is a freelancer in graphic, product and service design. “I like to participate in creating communication concepts with my clients. I often come up even with radical ways to convey their message. My work follows the idea of visual language speaking through shapes and colors. This language conveys information, reflects thoughts, feelings and the world in which we live in. Brands and visual tone of the products is defined by means of graphic design which is precisely this visual language. Messages make the sender fascinating, generate visually pleasing experience as well as reflect the individuality and lifestyle. Successful implementation also communicates with the company’s mission to convey information about values, quality and individuality. Along with capability to create visual communications my service design and marketing knowledge as well as technical skills would be at your disposal.”

Designers & R&D Experts of the Company

Ari Kiuru
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  • Visual identity for Suomen JulkisivuCenter.
  • Visual identity for Suomen KattoCenter.
  • Visual identity for Lahden Jazztori.
  • Hungry Kids Concept & illustrations for Lahden Ateria.
  • Advertisements for Karhulanlehto Oy.

Main Branch

Graphic Design.


Graphic Design. Illustration. Layout Design. Product Design. Service Design. Visual Identity Design.

Special Know-How

Co-design facilitating.