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Best Before UX Research

Visiting & Postal Address

Best Before UX Research Ltd
Heinlammintie 61
FI-15230 LAHTI



Best Before UX Research specialises in research related to packaging, design and consumer behaviour. Our services include 3D virtual modelling of packaging and stores; eye tracking, EEG and consumer research based on virtual models; and various consultation services for brand management. We also facilitate multilateral co-design workshops that provide our customers with user information and ideas that support their product development projects. We also provide services to companies operating at a global level, thereby providing our customers with user and consumer information from different market areas.

By combining the knowledge of our experts regarding packaging, printing processes and research with the latest technological solutions, we can provide our customers with a deeper understanding of the purchase behaviour of consumers, thus allowing them to create more reliable design solutions and launch their products more quickly.

Designers & R&D Experts of the Company

Main Branch

User Experience Research.


3D Modelling. Branding & Brand Management. Co-Design Facilitating. Design Management. Design Research. Design Strategy Consulting. Usability Research. User Experience Research.

Special Know-How

Brand Management.
Packaging Design.
Printing Processes.