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Imager Oy

Visiting & Postal Address

Imager Oy
Rautatienkatu 13 C
FI-15110 LAHTI



Imager offers personal, broad and prominent visual and functional content to a variety of marketing channels – from animations to print, all from the same base material and concept. Imager – Your competetive edge

+FORM Prominent, clear and informative content, is the cornerstone of our production. Whether a company, product or service, they all have a story to be told and we put that story into a form. Visual identity of a company brings presence, product visualisation tells us the essential, and animations can tell the whole history.

+FUNCTION Web content challenges traditional media, especially with its interactive and up-to-date nature, mobile communication brings anywhere-anytime thinking into our everyday lives. Fully utilizing different marketing channels is more than just maximizing the visibility. In our productions we allways use the latest techniques and facilitate tools and functions which give our clients the chance to better serve their customers around the clock – online, mobile or perhaps at info kiosks.

+ECONOMY Experiences and interest are brought in with catching and lively mediacontent that enrich communications and marketing. Sales tools – product demos, configurators and virtual shows make the sales more effective and leads to a sales faster even after hours.

Designers & R&D Experts of the Company

Jukka Leppänen, Digital Media Designer | Teemu Peltomaa, Digital Media Designer | Ari Sassi, AD

 Some References

  • Karlux / Visual Identity, Website & Sales tool.
  • Merivaara / Sales tools.
  • Uponor Suomi / Sales tools & Graphic design.
  • Startex / Graphic Design & Marketing Materials, Product & Package Design, Web & Mobile App Development.
  • Allu Finland / Visual Identity, Website & Sales tool.

Main Branch

Advertising Agency.


3D Modelling.
Advertising & Marketing.
Branding & Brand Management.
Co-Design Facilitating.
Corporate Communication.
Design Management.
Design Strategy Consulting.
Digital Media Design.
Graphic Design.
Layout Design.
Multimedia Production.
Signage & Wayfinding Design.
Sound Production.
User Interface Design.
Video Editing & Animation.
Visual Identity Design.
Web & Webstore Production.
Web Graphics.

Special Know-How

Co-design facilitating.
Digital media design.
Multimedia production.
User interfaces.